Saturday, 22 March 2014

Hanki Oppa and Jinyoung Unnie

Assalammualaikum and hi..

Tonight, is my first night in Seoul..I stay at Hogdae for this last 5 days in Korea.

Few weeks before i go to Korea, i received a message from a Korean name Kim Hanki and Jinyoung in Couchsurfing.And i decided to exchange Kakaotalk Id so that we can communicate better..

Kim Hanki oppa is a very nice person. We chat about korean culture and i shared about Malaysia culture. He is always ready to hear my story.

He help me a lot in helping me to translate english to korean like, what to tell the chef in restaurant about what we can eat and what we can't. And one day, we asked him to translate for us on asking a refund at the car rental company in Jeju..With his translation, i just showed it to the staff and we easily get our money back.

Going to Korea maybe will be once in a lifetime opportunity for me, therefore i decided to meet this nice person. He agreed to meet me on the 1st day we arrive in seoul. He came from Naju straight away come to my guesthouse with his wife.They pick us up at 6.30pm and brought us to Han River. They said not many tourist come to Han River as it is difficuilt to acces by public transport. So i feel very lucky.

They brought some tteokbokki and kimbab..They understand that we cannot eat meat and they only brought us the the vegetarian and fish. Tteokbokki i tasted is very nice..taste better than in Malaysia..and the fried vegetable is also nice..We talk and share stories at the side of the han river, i was very full.

After eating, we walk around the park at Han River and keep talking about a lot of things.After that, they brought us to Itaewon. I can see the night life in Itaewon is very active..There are many foreigners. It's a good thing i came there with them..I feel a lot safer around them. We just walked around the itaewon and see the people..It is very interesting..Seeing the culture of other country.

After walking, they send us back to our guesthouse..I can't thank them enough..they are just so nice, Hanki oppa help us open the door all the time.Jinyoung unni, take the effort to make a research to decide where to bring us and brought the nice food and understand our culture. I feel so heavy hearted to part with them :(. I just gave them a small token from Malaysia as a sign of thank you.

If they come to Malaysia, i will surely do the same.

Thank You Allah, for letting us meeting a nice person during our Journey in Seoul.

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