Thursday, 27 November 2014

Allah's Love in Busan

My Story in Busan.

It was raining heavily when we were carrying our luggages from guesthouse to Choryang subway station. We do not have umbrella and we only cover our luggages with raincoat. The subway is not very far away though..While we were struggling to run from the rain and carrying our heavy bag, Suddenly , an ahjussi stopped his car, get out from his car and was calling me and he gave me a big umbrella. It happens so fast. But i was very thankful with the ahjussi.
Eventhough we didn't use the umbrella much as the subway station is very near, but when we arrive in Daegu. It is still raining and the bus service ended, we have take taxi. Unfortunately, the taxi driver drove us to the West gate of KNU which is far from my dormitory.Me and my friend have to walk in the rain. I feel so blessed with the umbrella. because of the Ahjussi's umbrella, we are not soak in the rain.
Allah's plan is great. He knew what's going to happen in Daegu and he sent the umbrella through the Ahjussi. I'm so grateful and i feel the love of Allah to us.